“…and only then it was realized that those five string  theories are actually islands on the same planet, not different ones! Thus there is an underlying theory of which all string theories are only different aspects.


This was called M-theory.


The M might stand for Mother of all theories or Mystery, because the planet we call M-theory is still largely unexplored. But there is still a third possibility for the M in M-theory. One of the islands that was found on the M-theory planet corresponds to a theory that lives not in 10 but in 11 dimensions. This seems to be telling us that M-theory should be viewed as an 11 dimensional theory that looks 10 dimensional at some points in its space of parameters. Such a theory could have as a fundamental object a Membrane, as opposed to a string. Like a drinking straw seen at a distance, the membranes would look like strings when we curl the 11th dimension into a small circle”.

Passion, creativity, emotion.



Everyone has these characteristics in a personal and unique way.
What M studio wants to offer is the ability to develop new ideas, outside the box and the classic canons of contemporary design.

The M, any letter of the alphabet, becomes a distinctive character of our work. It derives from M-theory, the “Theory of everything”, which in physics tries to gather in a single language all the knowledge known to date.
In particular, what inspired us was the way of interpretation of the “Theory of everything”: each of us is made up of infinitesimally small strings of energy which, based on their “vibration”, would define us and the world around us; therefore we too, depending on our personal and unique creative vibration, propose our design idea with attention to the modern, technology and to the new tools we own, without denying the past, but instead trying to emulate it with passion and dedication.




P.S. Do you want to know more about us? Here below you can download some short introduction books about our approach on different aspects of our work. We look forward to hear from you! (COMING SOON..)