The Gina Floris Hair Boutique project stems from the desire to optimize and organize the workspace within a small place (40sqm) in the heart of Sardinia. from a functional point of view, working by subtracting elements, we have obtained the maximum possible yield, eliminating superfetations and smoothing out the differences in height. The result is an airy and bright environment with 6 hair cutting stations and 3 washing stations.

The presence of the rough lime wall (typical of the Sardinian tradition) combined with the floor in Statuario Imperiale recalls a quarry, where the rough stone is transformed into shiny marble. The oxidized iron furnishings were designed ad hoc and made by local artisans, so as to make this salon unique in its kind.

The furniture is extremely minimal, the mirrors, also made by a local glass factory, have a size such as to streamline the environment without filling it, and at the same time, thanks to the lighting behind, they enhance the figure of the person who is reflected in them. The other lights have been designed in such a way as to concentrate the light intensity above the stations with 3 spot lights, at 3000K of light intensity, so as to recreate the most natural light possible.