The new Trezzo sull’Adda’s urban fabric

Imagine a new way of living the city, imagine the creation of a synergy between elements, where respect for nature and increasingly advanced technology define new standards and aesthetic and functional languages.
Our vision for the redevelopment of some areas of the city Trezzo sull’Adda aims to introduce a new system of use of urban interstitial spaces, reactivating them with useful functions for citizens, respectful of the nature and above all ready to give tangible answers to the environmental issues of our time.
The concept behind the intervention is to define the needs within a given city cluster, and once they have been identified, insert them into the interstitial space so as to make it an active and productive space.
In order to make the local economy more “circular”, the project involves the use of Green Hubs, vertical agriculture devices with aquaponic technology, that use water from fish farms (full of nitrates and nitrites) which makes this system extremely more productive.
The streets connected to Piazza Libertà, also object of intervention, will be closed to traffic and become real natural paths, rich in urban furniture such as green walls, seats and pools with trees.
Over the heads of those who walk there will be suspended gardens. Large transparent elements will host Tillandsia plants, which, being rootless, are suitable for this location. These plants have the function of retaining the atmospheric dust, purifying the air of the entire area. The images of the renovated Piazza Libertà show a landscape similar to an urban city park full of public and productive functions. The dynamism of the project and the consistent natural presence mean that the square will look different from day to night and with the changing of the seasons. The system of green islands, in addition to recalling the natural river architecture, creates a series of new paths that in turn will create new views and new ways of seeing and experiencing the square. The intervention on Piazza Libertà translates the desire to make nature interpenetrate within the urban space, creating a tree-lined garden square that will become the new green lung of the town. The green islands revolve around a central covered space, inside which there are two Green-Hubs, together with the large tree. The organic shapes of the green islands recall the natural architecture of the river marshes, creating a reference to the landscape defined by the Adda river. Inside the square there will be 2 other hubs, for a total of about 150 sq.m. of cultivated area and with a yield of about 80kg / sq.m. per year. The Piazza will also host other activities, such as a food court on the north side, a small outdoor amphitheater and a sport area.